482 to PR

482 to PR

If you’re interested in moving from a 482 TSS Visa to Permanent Residency (PR), there are a few options you should know about to make sure your progression to PR is pain-free.

Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS)

Temporary transition pathway – 186

This involves working in Australia for three years on a 482 visa. Your employer will be part of the process, and must have a full-time position available for you for an ongoing period of at least two years once your permanent residency is granted.

You must also meet a number of requirements:

  • Have an eligible employer
  • Be under 45 years of age at the time of the application (unless exempt)
  • Meet English language requirements
  • Meet any mandatory licensing, registration or professional membership requirements for your nominated occupation

Direct entry pathway – 186

The direct entry pathway involves a skills assessment, on top of three years work experience (anywhere in the world) in your nominated occupation.

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme – 187

Something to keep in mind: if you have worked, or are planning to work, in a regional area, you can apply under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS). This includes all areas in Australia except Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne.

Skilled Independent Visas

Skilled migration visas (visa subclasses 189, 190 and 491) are another way to move from 482 to PR. You can be granted a skilled migration visa whilst you are still on a 482 visa without needing a job offer or sponsorship by an Australian employer to be granted a skilled migration visa.

To be successful, you must

  • Obtain a positive skills assessment in an occupation on the relevant occupation list
  • Meet basic English requirements
  • Pass the points test (at least 65 points)

Once your expression of interest (EOI) is lodged, you must wait for an invitation from the government to lodge an application.

It is important to note that your skilled migration application can also be sponsored by a state or territory government (subclass 190 visa).

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