Sponsoring an Employee

Great talent isn’t always easy to find. We help your company to keep it. Our migration lawyers are experts in securing business visas on a temporary or permanent basis. We’ve worked with clients across many sizes and industries, from independent cafes to multi-nationals with large numbers of employees. We take the hassle out of corporate migration, so your business can get on with doing what it does best.

Let us manage your business’ visas end to end, so you can spend less time on paperwork and more on growing your business

But don’t take our word for it. Watch our video and hear from the businesses we’ve helped to sponsor and retain top employees, no matter where they come from.

What we will do for your business:

  • Select the Ideal Visa
    We’re experts on all types of business visas, so you don’t have to be. From temporary solutions, to permanent residency, you tell us your needs and we do the hard work of finding the best fit. While the 482 (including legacy 457) and 186 are our most common visas, they’re not always the right fit for every situation. Our expertise spans the full range of visas, so we’re always thinking of the best solution for you.
  • Bring Legal Expertise
    Our team are not just migration agents. We’re fully qualified lawyers. That means our service doesn’t stop once your visa is lodged. We can advise on employee work rights, termination, DHA processes, as well as general employment law.
  • All visas
    We are experienced with most Australian visa types, including temporary work visas (eg 482), permanent residency applications (eg. 186, 187), partner & family visas, and investor visas

Taking your Business Further

There’s more to migration than just the visa process. We work with your HR staff to help you manage your employees according to business needs, while remaining compliant with Department requirements.

  • Advice regarding business processes required by the DHA
  • Required record keeping activities
  • Work rights for employees on varying visas
  • Advice on terminating sponsored employees
  • Support services to sponsored employees

Standard Business Sponsorship

Learn more about Standard Business Sponsorship here

About us

PocketLegal is a migration specialist law firm managing all aspects of the Australian immigration process from beginning to end.

If you need assistance with visa applications, sponsoring staff members, AAT Appeals, FCC hearings, or any other migration related issue then get in touch with us.