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What is the Expression of Interest (EOI)?

What is an Expression of Interest?

If you are applying for a skilled independent visa, you may need to submit an Expression of Interest, or EOI. What is an expression of interest, when do you need it and what does it include? Find out in our article below.

What is an Expression of Interest?

An EOI is the mechanism used to show your interest in applying for a skilled visa to migrate to Australia. The EOI is managed by SkillSelect’s online platform, and it is where you will need to demstrate . your breakdown of points. It is an online form you fill out in a platform known as SkillSelect, which asks a series of questions about you and your skills. Once submitted, your EOI will stay in the system for two years.

Expressions of Interest are used by the Department, as well as state and territory agencies, to calculate your number of points for points tested visas. They are also used by individual states and territories to see whether you meet their specific criteria.

It’s important to note that submitting an EOI does not make you eligible for a bridging visa – so you’ll want to think ahead about which visa you will be on between lodging your EOI and being invited to apply.

When do I need an Expression of Interest?

Most permanent skilled work visas in Australia require you to be invited by the Department, or a state or territory government, before you can apply. These visas include:

  • Skilled independent visa (189)
  • Skilled nominated visa (190)
  • Business Talent visa (132)

In addition, you also need an invitation to apply for the invitation streams of some temporary visas, including the skilled regional visa (489) and the business innovation and investment visa (188).

In order to have the opportunity to receive an invitation, you must first submit an EOI. You must then wait to be invited to apply.

What does an Expression of Interest include?

When you fill out your EOI, you will provide information that will be used to calculate your total number of points. This includes information about your qualifications, work experience, English level, and age. To have a look at the questions you may be asked, and calculate your points, take a look at our points tester here (link). 

In your EOI, you will specify what visa you intend to apply for, and stream within that visa. You must also indicate which states and territories you are seeking a nomination for. You may choose multiple states and territories, or the whole of Australia.

Once you submit your completed EOI, you will receive a confirmation notification from SkillSelect. SkillSelect will calculate your points, assess your eligibility and will provide feedback when you submit for points tested and business innovation visas. You will be able to see how many points you have been awarded, and what you were awarded those points for.

When you fill out your expression of interest it is important to be truthful. You will also need to update your EOI if circumstances change. If you are invited to apply for a visa, but are unable to meet the number of points calculated based on your EOI, your visa will be refused.

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