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Startup, meet your new best friend: the 457 Visa

Have you heard of Atlassian, Canva, Airtasker, Invoice2go, WME or Zulu? These companies are among the many Australian startups that have proven that local entrepreneurs can punch above their weight in relation to our market size and talent pool. Basically, they’re killin’ it. So how can startups like these use 457 visas to their advantage?

Australia’s Got Talent (But Not Enough)

Quite frankly, finding the right talent is damn hard for startups in Australia. Startups need quality engineers, developers and tech workers. Australia has a whole bunch of workers who are qualified in those areas, but they’re in high demand and low availability.
Solving this problem becomes key when startups realise that it’s crucial for them to attract and retain the right talent in order to compete internationally. Enter the 457.

Say Hello To The 457 Solution

The 457 temporary work visa allows Australian startups to tap into the international talent market.

Found an amazing Data Architect in Bangalore, London, or Cupertino?

What about a scrum coach, Software architect, or Ruby on Rails developer in New York, Manila or San Francisco?

If they’re the right fit for your business then the 457 visa is an easy way to bring them into your office as your next employee.

The 457 allows startups to access international talent and become a Sponsor to foreign workers. In fact, the Department offers a distinct stream for businesses that have been operating for less than one year.

Startups can require a whole range of varied roles. Software engineers, developers, network engineers, CIOs, project managers, producers, testers, database admins, QA engineers: you’ll need ‘em.

In saying this, it’s also possible to sponsor workers for administrative, strategic and management roles. To sponsor foreign talent on a 457, the role needs to be listed on the Consolidated Skills Occupation List (CSOL).

So to recap: 457s are where it’s at when it comes to sourcing the right talent for your startup.

Okay, Cool. So What’s the Process?

Getting your startup to use foreign talent is a three-step process. Depending on circumstances all three components can be completed simultaneously, or Sponsorship can be applied for first, followed by the Nomination and Application (which can be lodged together).

1. Sponsorship: Let Your Startup Become a Standard Business Sponsor

This first step allows your business to sponsor foreign workers, for both 457 and other visas.

This is a one off process after which you can sponsor multiple employees on 457s.

To get the Standard Business Sponsorship your startup will need to demonstrate a properly established business structure, – such as a company, trust, partnership or registered business name – a sound financial position, and proof that training activities are in place that meet the Department’s benchmarks.

2. Nomination: Nominate the Role

This stage involves nominating the specific position for which you require a foreign worker.

The Department will be assessing the role itself rather than the person.

3. Primary Application: The 457 Visa

With the primary application, the Department looks at the individual applicant.

This worker needs to fulfill the specific requirements of the role being nominated: generally a Bachelor Degree or five years relevant work experience.

Once granted, the 457 is valid for four years, and can be used as a stepping stone to permanent residency if the employee is interested in remaining in Australia.

Let Us Be The Matchmaker

If your startup would like to become a standard Business Sponsor or employ someone on a 457 visa, let’s have a chat about how we can help. We have a ton of experience working with startups. We want your startup to succeed as much as you do. Let’s make that happen.

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