Temporary and Permanent Partner Visas

Temporary and Permanent Partner Visas

So you’ve decided to apply for a Partner Visa. As you start your application, you may notice that you are applying for both a Temporary and Permanent Partner Visa. Why is this? What is the difference? And do you need both? We┬ábreak down the difference in this article below.

The Partner Visa process

When you apply for a Partner Visa, you must apply for both a temporary and permanent visa. You apply for both these visas at the same time, and only one fee is payable.

Your temporary partner visa will be granted first, and lets you stay and live in Australia while your permanent Partner Visa is processed. Once your temporary visa is granted, you will then be separately assessed for the permanent partner visa. You may be required to provide additional documents or attend an interview at the Department of Home Affairs. This second assessment usually takes between 18 and 24 months.

After your permanent Partner Visa is granted, you have completed the migration processes and are now a permanent resident of Australia!

Long-term relationships

If you and your partner have been in a long-term relationship before you lodge your application, your permanent visa may be granted immediately after your temporary visa, with no wait period in between.

A long-term relationship is one of three or more years – or two or more years if you and your partner have a dependent child of your relationship.

You may need to provide documents that prove the length of your relationship, or that you have a dependent child.

What are my rights on a temporary Partner Visa

On a temporary Partner Visa, you have most of the rights of an Australian permanent resident, including:

  • Staying in Australia until a decision is made on your permanent Partner Visa
  • Working in Australia
  • Studying in Australia (without government support)
  • Travelling outside Australia as many times as you want
  • Receiving medicare

What are my rights on a permanent Partner Visa

On a permanent Partner Visa, you have all the rights of an Australian permanent resident, including those listed above, as well as staying in Australia permanently, receiving social security payments, and eventually, applying for citizenship.

What if my relationship ends before I receive my permanent Partner Visa?

If your relationship ends before you receive your permanent Partner Visa, it is your obligation to tell the Department of Home Affairs by contacting the Department in writing.

You may still be eligible for the permanent Partner Visa if there are special circumstances, such as family violence. Otherwise, you may need to consider other visa options, such as work or family visas.

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